Tips From San Francisco’s Top Organizers

Organizing can be tough and sometimes we don’t always know where to start. Here are some of the best home organizing and decluttering tips from the experts in our area.


“Once your things have homes – a.k.a. places where they live – then storing “like with like” makes it easier to find, restock, retrieve, and put them away.” Debra Baida, From  Liberated Spaces



“A small tip is for toddler shoes.  I think this works great for kids 4 years old and younger.  They’re still a little too young to be able to properly line them them up so the best way to corral their shoes is a basket by the door.  When they take them off, they just toss the shoes in the basket.  This way you’re not searching for a small lost shoe in your rush to get out the door.”  Lisa Ruff, From Neat Method 



“Saving items to sell? Check online services such as eBay and Amazon to see if your items are of significant value. Many times, people think their items are more valuable than they really are. If it’s not worth the effort, packaging, and transportation of the item-consider donating it.” Rachel Seavey, From Collector Care



“When editing and organizing your closet, create a wardrobe for the life you live right now.  If you embrace your current lifestyle and clothing size you’ll be able to be fully present in your clothes and love each and every piece in your closet.  So goodbye pants that always fit funny and suit you’ll never need, and hello to the pieces you love that make you feel fabulous!”- Lucy Wahl, From LMW Edits



“Review the contents of your garage and declutter annually. The less you have, the less you have to organize.” Isabella Guajardo, From Bella Organizing / Girl With A Truck™



“Plan ahead! I’m adamant about making sure I have systems in place and everything is determined ahead of time to make sure daily life is a well-oiled machine. For example, I refill necessary items around my house once a week to make sure I’m never caught without something. Also, once a day I have implemented a time to do a daily pick up around the house. It only takes a matter of minutes to put things back where they belong when it’s done daily, instead of letting things go. That’s when things get lost and time-consuming organizing and cleaning projects are required!” Samantha Pregenzer, From Simply Organized



“Plan for this day. You never think it can happen to you and then it does. No object is more important than you and your family. Take stock every day and be grateful for having more than enough. Then decide what you would need if this happened to you and plan now for how you could safely save that information – whether it be memories or vital records – elsewhere. We are lucky to be living in a digital age (even with compromised security) that allows for the “cloud.” Scan or photograph your most important records, upload them to a secured site and then congratulate yourself for taking action.” Lisbeth “Lis” McKinley, From Let’s Make Room



Take these tips from the best and let them help organize your life.